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Two-pagers projects Global Challenges Programme second Call

GCP-2 midterm factsheet WFE Women Food Entrepreneurs
December 20, 2018 By: F&BKP Office Image: Project research team

The Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) addresses international, regional and global challenges on Food and Nutrition Security as a global public good. Six Integrated Projects of the second Call have now published their midterm factsheets, and one Fast Track project has shared its final findings.

The transdisciplinary research in the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) is carried out in consortia between Southern and Northern scientific and non-scientific stakeholders. The programme supports the development of new products, practices and policies that improve food security in low- and middle income countries (LMICs). The programme aims to generate understanding of emerging key issues in food security and the role of the private sector. You can find an overview of all GCP projects here.

Focus area chosen by most of the GCP-2 projects is Inclusive Business Models for Food and Nutrition Security (FNS). The projects of the GCP second Call have recently published factsheets with midterm findings (Integrated Projects), and one with final findings (Fast Track).

Fast Track projects

  • Intermediaries in inclusive business networks for scaling food security in East & West Africa: will follow soon.
  • Serious games for sustainable shrimp farming in Viet Nam -ALEGAMS: will follow soon.
  • Promoting healthy diets and agri-business development through Aquaponics farming: factsheet with final findings.

Integrated Projects

Further background information

Earlier this year, the GCP-2 midterm meeting took place, in Kenya, where the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and NWO -WOTRO also organized a public knowledge sharing meeting:




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