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CoP Digital Solutions

Food security and COVID-19 CoP Digital
Image: via Flickr (by: USAID GlobalDevLab)

Together with the Netherlands Food Partnership, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is forming several Food security and COVID-19 Communities of Practice (CoP) focusing on:

  1. Markets, Supply Chains & Nutritious foods (also linking to the two CoPs below)
  2. Finance & Outreach
  3. Digital Solutions
  4. Knowledge

This page contains all information on the COVID-19 CoP Digital Solutions of convener 2SCALE.


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Resources CoP Digital Solutions
May 29, 2020Knowledge activity
Resources CoP Digital Solutions
Theme: CoP Digital Solutions

During the online meetings, members of the CoP Digital Solutions refer to several documents and information, which will regularly be added to the resources list in this post. »

First Call CoP Digital Solutions - May 19, 2020
May 29, 2020Knowledge activity
First Call CoP Digital Solutions – May 19, 2020
Theme: CoP Digital Solutions

On May 19, 2020, a first online meeting was convened by 2SCALE for the Food security and COVID-19 CoP on Digital Solutions. The meeting was aimed at kick-starting the Digital CoP through general introductions, gaining understanding of current activities being undertaken in the respective organizations, and sharing information. »