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February 29th, 2016

Webinar on “The role of governments in scaling up agriculture (index) insurance”

Published by The Impact Insurance Facility,

This webinar by the Impact Insurance Facility looked at how governments can catalyse the development of agriculture insurance markets through a variety of interventions such as the provision, administration and management of subsidies, support for developing infrastructure for effective implementation of insurance programmes, investment in collection and sharing of data and customer education. It also looked at the government’s role in developing enabling regulations and using insurance as a part of their social protection and agriculture development agendas. Organized together with the WBG’s Global Index Insurance Facility, the USAID & Basis/I4-supported Global Action Network for agriculture insurance, it featured resource persons from USAID, the World Bank and the Government of Kenya. The entire webinar can be rewatched on this YouTube channel. The slides of the webinar can be accessed through Slideshare. Some of the questions in the Q&A session of the webinar were left unanswered. The panellists have taken a look into these and you can access their responses here.

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