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August 2nd, 2019

Transforming food systems under climate change: Local to global policy as a catalyst for change

Published by CCAFS-CGIAR,

This working paper (PDF) by CCAFS-CGIAR discusses how policy can bring transformative change for food systems to become sustainable, resilient, climate smart and inclusive, while delivering affordable, culturally appropriate, healthy diets for all. Feeding and nourishing a growing and changing global population in the face of rising numbers of chronically hungry people, slow progress on malnutrition, environmental degradation, systemic inequality, and the dire projections of climate change, demands a transformation in global food systems. Policy change at multiple levels is critical for catalysing an inclusive and sustainable transformation in food systems. National policy shapes food systems, while subnational policy addresses local challenges and demonstrates potential for scaling. Global and regional policy frameworks capture commitments and standards that inform national and local action. Tradeoffs call for a multi-sectoral, food systems approach to policymaking, since food system cut across most sectors. Inequality in food systems demands transparent, inclusive policies and processes and tackling gender inequality in food systems is a pre-quisite for transformation. Three areas of policy change show potential to be catalytic: 1) reducing emissions and increasing resilience, 2) tackling food loss and waste, and 3) shifting diets to promote nutrition and sustainability. Global and regional policy are transformative only insofar as they are translated into ambitious national action with adequate support, including both public and private investment. Transformation demands participation and action from all actors.

A brief with the key messages of the paper can be found here.

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