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July 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Meat, milk & more: Policy innovations to shepherd inclusive and sustainable livestock systems in Africa

This report highlights options for sustainably promoting growth in the livestock sector, drawing from what four African countries have done successuflly in terms of institutional and policy innovation as well as programmatic interventions. By adapting the lessons, African governments can meet their national and international commitments to agricultural growth and transformation. »

May 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
Agri-food markets and trade policy in the time of COVID-19

This policy brief examines different policy measures, with the aim to support informed policy decision-making during COVID-19. olicy measures should aim to address actual rather than perceived demand and supply disruptions; enhanced market transparency and coordination with all concerned actors are critical in this regard. »

April 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
How COVID-19 may disrupt food supply chains in developing countries

This blog examines how COVID-19 will affect food supply chains (FSCs) in developing countries. Farm operations may be spared the worst, while small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in urban areas will face significant problems. Governments’ general strategy must be two-pronged: Implement robust public health measures and address food security impacts, particularly income and employment. »

February 27, 2020Knowledge Portal
Rethinking trade policies to support healthier diets

This brief focuses on the potential to lever improvements in diets by trade policy, and how to address it. The primary focus is on cross-border flows of food and agricultural commodities, exploring the effects that trade can have on the supply and affordability of nutrient-rich foods. It also considers how trends in global trade affect diets, greenhouse gas emissions and the natural environment upon which food systems depend. »

February 20, 2020Knowledge Portal
Food security and conflict: Empirical challenges and future opportunities for research and policy making on food security and conflict

This article examines the endogeneity that characterizes the coupling between food (in)security and conflict. While the policy community has pushed forward with new programs, the academic debate about the causal linkages between food security and conflict remains contested. For policy makers, closing data gaps will be essential for producing effective food security and peacebuilding policies. »

December 5, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transforming Africa’s food system with digital technologies

This seminar explored how African countries can develop a “digitalization ecosystem” to help foster growth and competitiveness in the continent’s value chains. Also discussed are the institutional and policy innovations that have already been implemented by African governments as well as efforts by the private sector and ag-tech startups to increase the development and use of digital tools and services in agriculture. »