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March 28th, 2016

Small scale dairy production system challenges and prospects in Fafen Zone, Eastern Ethiopia

Published by Journal of Animal Production Advances,

This article (PDF) in the Journal of Animal Production Advances examines the existing challenges and opportunities of small scale dairy production in Ethiopia. The importance of dairy livestock as a source of livelihood for pastoralists in eastern Ethiopia cannot be overstated. A study was carried out in eastern Ethiopia in Jigjiga, Gurusum and Babile districts that inhabit the area and rearing of major dairy livestock production. The primary and secondary data were collected to assess the impact of dairy management and information whose dissemination was underway on the husbandry of dairy livestock. The interview questions for households targeted different aspects of dairy livestock management husbandry and feeding. Analysis of the data revealed malpractices in the areas of husbandry management, feeding, health and watering, among others. The major constrains faced were feeding shortage, water scarcity, drought and disease. In the study areas, the results further indicated that the pastoralists were aware of the challenges facing their dairy animals but did not have the knowledge to adequately deal with the constraints and prospective. This study concluded that the small scale dairy livestock prospects and information on dairy management have great potential to improve dairy performance if widely disseminated among the studied districts. Awareness creation among pastoralists and agro pastoral on the dangers of the current malpractices, vigorous dissemination of the technologies/information and follow-up to ensure utilization and/or application are strongly recommended.

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