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April 28th, 2016

Shifting diets for a sustainable food future

Published by World Resource Institute,

This report (PDF) from the World Resource Institute recommends a dietary shift from animal-based protein to more plant-based protein. People who consume high amounts of meat and dairy could significantly reduce the pressure on the environment from agriculture through shifting to diets with a greater share of plant-based foods. The overall recommendations are that dietary shifts are needed that: 1) reduce overconsumption of calories; 2) reduce overconsumption of protein through reducing consumption of animal-based foods; 3) reduce consumption of beef specifically. The report also introduces a protein scorecard ranking foods from lowest (plant-based foods) to highest impact (beef), and a the Shift Wheel, which harnesses proven marketing and behavior change strategies to help move billions of people to more sustainable diets. The report includes some examples of interventions in which consumption was shifted towards more sustainable diets. You can also read this blog, which captures some of the main-findings of the report in 12 charts.

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