December 19th, 2017

Internet of things for agriculture

Published by World Bank Group,

This webinar series, by the World Bank Group in collaboration with USAID and Feed the Future, highlights the innovation, business models, and demonstration of results on the ground for applying Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture. IoT – networks of objects that communicate with other objects through Internet – holds potential to transform today’s agriculture by enabling more precise resources management through low-cost sensors and generating large amount of data for effective decision-making. While the IoT for agriculture has so far been visible mostly in developed countries, it holds prospects of benefiting the farmers in developing regions due to the combination of three contributing factors: rapid decline in sensor costs, increasing penetration of smart phones, and expansion of global mobile broadband coverage. Once the appropriate enabling conditions are in place, IoT solutions can be realized through various technology applications such as satellite-based remote sensing, on-ground wireless sensors network, and unmanned aerial vehicles like drones. This webinar presents the application of precision agriculture by IoT technologies to tackle the horticultural challenges in Vietnam. Another webinar discusses the SmartMoo IoT Platform which can synthesize data across the agricultural dairy supply chains. Also an autonomous irrigation system using tensiometer sensors placed in the ground near the plants, which saves water and fertilizer and increases crop yields, is discussed in this webinar. All webinars of this series can be found here.

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