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July 20, 2020Knowledge Portal
Nutrition in a digital world

This publication examines the complexity of the digital world for improved nutrition from a range of food-system perspectives. Potential benefits and adverse impacts of innovative digital technologies in helping to achieve sustainable healthy diets and progressively realize the right to adequate food.  »

May 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
Innovations in irrigation systems in Africa

This special issue journal aims to compile a series of insights related to innovation in irrigated agriculture. It became apparent that efforts to advance innovation for smallholder irrigated farming must remain a priority. Further emphasis should also be given to learning how to innovate the enabling environment itself. The key challenge will be to involve policy and decision makers. »

March 31, 2020Knowledge Portal
Information and communication technologies to provide agricultural advice to smallholder farmers: Experimental evidence from Uganda

This study evaluates the effectiveness of an ICT‐mediated approach to deliver agricultural information in a field experiment conducted among small‐scale maize farmers in eastern Uganda. Households that were shown a short video on how to become better maize farmers were performing significantly better on a knowledge test, more likely to apply recommended practices, and more likely to use fertilizer »

March 16, 2020Knowledge Portal
A retrospective analysis of responsible innovation for low-technology innovation in the Global South

This article states that the role of low-technology innovation in addressing global challenges is undervalued. Responsible innovation (RI) has the potential to direct low-technology innovation towards global challenges in the Global South, yet this possibility remains largely unexplored. »

March 2, 2020Knowledge Portal
Digitising Agrifood: Pathways and challenges

This report looks at the many ways in which digital solutions can be implemented on the ground to help the agrifood chain transform itself to achieve more sustainability. The diffusion of digital technologies in the agrifood chain promises to increase yields, reduce waste, and trigger changes in consumption patterns. »

February 24, 2020Knowledge Portal
The age of foodtech: Optimizing the agri-food chain with digital technologies

This article reviewed emerging applications of technologies like the Internet of Things, distributed ledger technologies and Artificial Intelligence at various phases of the agri-food chain, focusing in particular on smart and precision farming, value chain integrity, personalized nutrition and the reduction and prevention of food waste. »