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June 29th, 2016

Global gender and environment outlook: The critical issues

Published by UNEP,

The first Global Gender and Environmental Outlook  is a report (PDF) from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) that presents an overview of critical evaluations and analyses of the interlinkages between gender and the environment. It shows their importance for gender-sensitive policy-making and actions and provides an overview of existing knowledge on these subjects. The report looks in different chapters at the gender aspects of food production and security, water and sanitation, energy, sustainability, fishing, forestry and at cross-cutting issues, like climate change, conflict and health. The Outlook concludes with an agenda for transformational change and highlights the need for gender-disaggregated data and the gender dimension of sustainable development and policies. A transformative agenda should ensure, among others, that existing environmental an gender commitments are met by governments; that adequate funding is and resources are devoted to implementing gender-sensitive environmental policies; that women’s organisations are supported, and that men and boys are included into the gender-and-environment conversation.

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