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July 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Adressing women’s work burden: Key issues, promising solutions, and way forward

This factsheet discusses women’s triple work burden in the household, as producers and at community level. The competing demands linked to this triple role make women time poor. This affects their quality of life and decision making, puts their health at risk and prevents them from taking full advantage of economic opportunities through engagement in income generating activities. »

July 11, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender integration in research: So where do we start?

This blog elaborates on the practicalities of integrating gender in research. Most people recognize that agriculture research and development must be gender responsive and must address the needs of both men and women, while recognizing and addressing the unequal access to resources and differential levels of productivity between men and women. However, the question often remains of where and how to start integrating. »

June 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Promoting gender-transformative change with men and boys

This manual showcases 13 activity-based group sessions to spark critical reflection on harmful gender norms with men and boys in aquatic agricultural systems. The manual also contains guidelines and recommendations for facilitation of the sessions. At the end of the manual, there is a tool to guide facilitators in the development of community-based campaigns, should group members wish to take action following the completion of their participation in the group. »

June 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Global gender and environment outlook: The critical issues

The first Global Gender and Environmental Outlook presents an overview of critical evaluations and analyses of the interlinkages between gender and the environment. It shows their importance for gender-sensitive policy-making and actions and provides an overview of existing knowledge on these subjects. »

May 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender analysis training for EKN projects report

This report of an expert meeting initiated by AgriProFocus in cooperation with Dutch embassy in Ethiopia, highlights the importance of gender analysis in each stage of a (development) program/project. It also provides a practical four-step approach to integrate a gender analysis in projects. »

May 16, 2016Knowledge Portal
Delving deeper into the agricultural transformation and youth employment nexus: The Nigerian case

This working paper by IFPRI aims to critically analyze the youth unemployment situation in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole and in Nigeria in particular and to delve deeper into the potential that agriculture has for job creation for youth. In Section 2 the authors provide an overview of the youth unemployment situation globally and in Africa, followed in Section 3 by a review of the literature on the role agriculture plays in job creation. In Section 4, the dynamics of unemployment and job creation in Nigeria are reviewed. In Section 5 recent initiatives in Nigeria on this front are discussed. »