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Ghanaian Urban Food Environments - NFP collective impact coalition in the making
December 4, 2020Knowledge activity
Ghanaian Urban Food Environments – NFP collective impact coalition in the making

Last year’s Food & Business Knowledge Platform’s work on Food and Nutrition Security from a food systems approach in Ghana and on measuring the Food Environment revealed a great need and huge potential for a Ghanaian Dutch multi-stakeholder coalition and further private and public sector development in the field of Urban Food Environments. This has resulted in the set-up of a Netherlands Food Partnership collective impact coalition in this field. »

Increasing smallholder food production
July 14, 2020Study
Increasing smallholder food production

This third Outcomes Paper of the F&BR Synthesis Study assesses the outcomes delivered by thirteen Food & Business Research (F&BR) projects in terms of increased food production by and for farming communities in seven African and two Asian countries. Smallholders play a vital role in contributing to food and nutrition security. Ironically, smallholders and their families are themselves among the poorest and most food insecure people in the global South. »

Key challenges for post-COVID food systems
April 24, 2020Expert opinion
Key challenges for post-COVID food systems
Theme: Food security and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has a large and decisive impact on public health, and generates major consequences for social relationships, economic development and food systems. In this note, Ivo Demmers and Ruerd Ruben focus on four food system dimensions that are most critical for outlining the (likely) impact of COVID-19 induced changes on agri-food systems’ performance, and outline the main challenges that have to be addressed during the post-COVID-19 recovery period. »

February 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
From population to production: 50 years of scientific literature on how to feed the world

This article analysed scietific literature on how to feed the world, distinguishing between a focus on three potential levers: total food production, per capita food demand, and population. To reverse this long-term trend whereby population, diet, and food production have been tackled in isolation, the article suggests strengthening inter-disciplinary research that jointly addresses these three leverage points. »

March 19, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food resources and strategic conflict

This study aims to develop an explanation for how the competition over food resources conditions the strategic behaviors of three actors: rebels, civilian producers who grow crops, and state forces. Findings suggest that the imperative for food denial as a microlevel tactic in civil war should be more seriously incorporated into the work of scholars and policy makers. »

January 22, 2019Knowledge Portal
When food crosses borders: Paradigm shifts in China’s food sectors and implications for Vietnam

This article aims to provide a preliminary overview of the macro trends that are emerging in regard to Chinese food security strategy at the national level and the food preferences at the household level and its implications for Vietnam. »