April 22nd, 2015

Food Price Crisis Observatory

Published by World Bank,

The Food Price Crisis Observatory by the World Bank is an interactive information platform for policymakers, civil society and global organizations, the private sector and anyone else interested in identifying multi-country food crises as they unfold, tracking where and why food riots take place, and monitoring country-specific policies that can mitigate food price crises. Four modules are covered, providing an integrated approach to food crisis monitoring: 1) the food price watch: a biannual report that highlights trends in domestic food prices in low- and middle-income countries, and outlines the policy implications of food price fluctuations (September 2014); 2) the crisis monitor which looks at countries’ vulnerability to food price crises and their capacity to react to areas of concern, based on food price trends and macro-economic variables; 3) the food riot radar, which tracks food riots across the world using interactive maps and media coverage and spots social unrest episodes related to food price instability and 4) the policy monitor, which focuses on the policies countries can use to prevent, mitigate and cope with food price hikes.


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