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November 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Africa is conquering its domestic food markets

This paper is the result of the study on domestic food markets in West Africa, Cameroon and Chad. Food systems in sub-Saharan Africa have changed in recent decades, and many observers have failed to keep up.┬áThe results reveal the considerable importance of the domestic food markets compared to the export markets. »

January 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
Explaining grain and oilseed price volatility: The role of export restrictions

This article examines the impact that export restrictions have on price volatility. Since 2007 food prices have become significantly higher and more volatile. This impacts food security because it affects household incomes and purchasing power. A more and more frequent response to price volatility is the use of export restrictions to stabilize domestic prices. However, when a country is a large exporter, the restrictions can even increase global price volatility. »

September 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Toward SDG 2: Food security and urbanization in the Global South

This policy brief argues that urban food insecurity is significantly distinct from rural food insecurity and that therefore insecurity in urban areas must be addressed through a different set of policies. It provides policy suggestions for national governments in the Global South on how to improve sustainable, healthy food access in urban areas, and identifies issues that need to be addressed. »

July 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Sub-Saharan Africa’s significant changes in food consumption patterns

This report elaborates on the importance of food markets for food consumption in African cities and rural areas. It argues that food systems in West Africa are rapidly changing and that, contrary to popular belief, the percentage of subsistence farming for food consumption in rural areas is also declining. Therefore, market supply is becoming the main source for food consumption and rural as well as urban household tend to become more vulnerable to fluctuation in food prices on these markets, which impacts their food security. »

April 22, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food Price Crisis Observatory

The Food Price Crisis Observatory by the World Bank is an interactive information platform for policymakers, civil society and global organizations, the private sector and anyone else interested in identifying multi-country food crises as they unfold, tracking where and why food riots take place, and monitoring country-specific policies that can mitigate food price crises. Four modules are covered, providing an integrated approach to food crisis monitoring. »

April 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food Outlook 2014 – Biannual Report on Global Food Markets

The FAO Food Outlook is a biannual publication (May/June and November/December) focusing on developments affecting global food and feed markets. This report (PDF) from October 2014 highlights that food markets are more stable and prices for most agricultural commodities are sharply lower than they have been in recent years. »