September 8th, 2016

Co-creation of knowledge

Published by Farming Matters,

This issue of Farming Matters from the AgriCultures Network illustrates how the collective creation of knowledge lies at the heart of agro-ecology rooted in family farming. It presents stories of farmers, scientists, urban citizens, government officials, NGOs, and others who have jointly created agro-ecological solutions that are suited to their own, local contexts. Agro-ecology can be seen as knowledge-intensive and for successful outcomes the combination of different types of knowledge is essential. In the context of climate change, knowledge co-creation is especially relevant and urgent since developing climate resilient agriculture needs knowledge related to locally rooted adaptation strategies. Farmer’s knowledge on seeds, land, water and other local resources is absolutely central in this process. This issue of Farming Matters offers a rich palette of practices of knowledge co-creation in agro-ecology. Around the world, people are generating insight into some of the key factors that can strengthen co-creation processes. As agro-ecology is gaining momentum as a practice, a science and a movement, further exploration of these factors is necessary. The crucial next step will be to embed these insights firmly in fundamentally new types of practice, policy and research for healthy food systems based on farmer-led agro-ecology.

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