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August 3rd, 2015

Principles & practices for sustainable dairy farming 2015

Published by SAI Platform,

This document by SAI Platform provides a set of Principles and suggested Practices for Sustainable Dairy Farming for the mainstream market in all regions of the world. It is designed to be dynamic and revised regularly on the basis of new practical experience and knowledge generation. It is meant to be ‘delivered’ and used with specific guidelines and practical tools relevant to local innovations and prevailing conditions (according to the region and its climate, ecological variables, farming systems, cultures etc.) as well as respecting national laws and regulations. This 2015 review has also taken the Principles to another level in that it has been aligned with the Global Dairy Agenda for Action program known as the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) – which was launched in October 2013. This was important as the Principles support the dairy sector in working towards the Criteria and Strategic Intents of the DSF. A gap analysis was undertaken to identify any gaps in the coverage of the Principles and identified gaps have subsequently been addressed.

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