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Five more YEP positions available

YEP vacancies batch 18
August 19, 2019 By: F&BKP Office Image: YEP

Young Expert Programmes (YEP) is looking for Dutch candidates for five new YEP positions. Main goal of YEP, consisting of YEP Agrofood and YEP Water, is to offer young professionals the opportunity to kickstart their international career supported by training and coaching.  The current vacancies in Bangladesh, Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya and Burkina Faso are open for Dutch nationals only. Application for the new YEP positions in batch 18 is open until August 28, 2019.  

YEP Programmes is again looking for candidates who would like to kickstart their international career, develop themselves into a professional in the international water and/or agrofood sector, while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals at the same time. A Young Expert has international ambition and wants to innovate the water and agrofood sector. Young Experts work for a Dutch organization while living in a developing country; being part of the YEP Programmes means they are . supported through training, coaching and mentoring.

At this moment, there are five job opportunities open for Dutch nationals, of which four in the agrofood sector in Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya and Burkina Faso. Application for these YEP positions is open until August 28, 2019. Candidates who are selected, are required to attend the training weeks of YEP batch #18 from November 25 to December 13, 2019. By assessing the self test on the YEP website, candidates can find out if they meet the criteria for becoming a Young Expert.

Please find below the current vacancies for which candidates can apply. More specific job details and information on the application and selection procedure are available at the YEP website.

YEP WATER POSITION MDF Training & Consultancy BV – Trainer and Consultant – Bangladesh, Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh, Dhaka
Project Title: Capacity Strengthening and skills development in the private, public and civil society’s water and agricultural sectors
Duration: 2 years
Background: In Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, MDF Bangladesh has started its operation in 2014. With the unique and quality training and consultancy services, MDF has been supporting water and sanitation, food security and other sectors to achieve sustainable social impact. MDF is very much interested to further build onto the water and agrofood sectors in Bangladesh.


Position: Business Developer
Location: Benin, Cotonou
Project title: Holland Green Tech Benin; developing the next step of horticulture in Benin by offering superior inputs and services to farmers in Benin
Duration: 2 years
Background: MACAMPO / Holland Greentech (HGT) Benin is looking for a business developer based in Cotonou. HGT is a company established and registered in Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Kenya, that offers quality inputs and services in the horticultural sector. Suppliers are premium horticultural brands; RijkZwaan (hybrid vegetable seeds), Rivulis (irrigation solutions), Robinson (basic greenhouses), Bosman van Zaal and Hoogendoorn (advanced greenhouses), Klassmann-Deilman (substrates), Koppert (B-IPM) and Agro Cares (soil analysis). HGT offers its clients a business case in horticulture and works on the next step of horticulture in Africa.

YEP AGROFOOD POSITION – ICCO Central Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office – Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Position: Learning and Knowledge Sharing Advisor
Country: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
Project Title: Strengthening African Rural Smallholders (STARS)
Duration: 1 year
Background: ICCO is a Dutch-based organization for international development cooperation with 50 years of experience and regional office in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. ICCO connects, promotes, and strengthens the work of local civil society organizations (CSOs), producer organizations, medium enterprises (SMEs), national/multinational companies and governments. In short: ICCO helps farmers and their businesses grow. The focus is on food and nutrition security, entrepreneurship, access to finance and new technologies for marginalized communities with a focus on women and youth. ICCO has worked in Africa since the 1960s. The Central, Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (RO CESA) is located in Uganda. This office develops and implements programmes in the following countries: South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Madagascar.

YEP AGROFOOD POSITION – Fair and Sustainable – Kenya, Nairobi

Position: Consultant
Country: Kenya, Nairobi
Project Title: Consulting and Project Implementation Services in Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: 2 years
Background: Fair & Sustainable Consulting (F&S) is a consultancy firm and social enterprise. F&S’s mission is to assist people in developing countries to improve their livelihoods and increase their income. F&S works with organizations and companies active in developing countries, who acknowledge the need to build long term partnerships to assure a sustainable use of resources and a fair distribution of benefits. F&S offers consultancy services in four related areas of expertise: programme management (including monitoring, evaluation and learning), value chain development, inclusive finance and responsible business/CSR. F&S is experienced in the “Value Links” methodology and in the “Market Systems Development” approach, known as “Making Markets Work for the Poor” (M4P). F&S has a team in the Netherlands of 20 consultants and a subsidiary in Ethiopia with another 12 employees. In order to increase the capacity in the countries we work, F&S is aiming to extend its network by establishing new branches, franchises or joint ventures.

YEP AGROFOOD POSITION – Akvo Foundation – Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou

Position: Project Officer
Country: Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
Project Title: Data Informed Decision-Making for Agriculture Improvement in West Africa
Duration: 2 years
Background: Akvo believes that sustainable change will happen faster if governments and non-governmental organizations become more effective, accountable and collaborative. With a team of data and development experts, an open source data platform and a proven methodology, Akvo helps governments and non-governmental organizations power their decisions to achieve inclusive and sustainable impact. Akvo supports the improvement of water, sanitation and agriculture management and has a strong commitment to accelerating the progress of the sustainable development goals. The headquarters in Amsterdam develops the Akvo global strategy, guides Akvo software development and offers financial, HR and marketing support. It has very good links to the Dutch international development sector, particularly in WASH and agriculture. As a result, Akvo Netherlands is involved in various international programmes (DGIS and non-DGIS) that are being implemented in West Africa

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Since 2013, more than 430 Young Experts have already been employed through YEP Programmes in 39 countries by more than 125 different organizations. YEP Programmes is being carried out by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. For more information about the programmes and the current and alumni Young Experts, please visit the YEP website.


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