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Final factsheets GCP-1 & GCP-2 projects

Final factsheets GCP-1 and GCP-2 projects
November 13, 2019 By: F&BKP Office Image: Project research team

The fourteen projects funded through the first and second call of the Global Challenges Programme will be finalized by the end of 2019. On November 14 and 15 they join in The Hague for their end meeting focusing on Inclusive Agri-business. In preparation, they have all published a factsheet with final research results.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) addresses international, regional and global challenges on Food and Nutrition Security. Research is carried out in consortia consisting of Southern and Northern scientific and non-scientific partners. Four GCP calls for proposals have been developed, through which 30 projects have been funded. The focus area of the first call for proposals was “Food chain efficiency and sustainable increase of quality food”, the second call focused on “Inclusive business and regional trade for food and nutrition security”. At the project pages you can read about insights so far and at the GCP news page you will find various articles on earlier sessions held with the research consortia. Below you can find links to the final factsheets of the GCP projects of call 1 and 2.

GCP-1 projects

GCP-2 Fast Track projects

  • Intermediaries in inclusive business networks for scaling food security in East & West Africa: final factsheet
  • Serious games for sustainable shrimp farming in Viet Nam (ALEGAMS): final factsheet
  • Sustainable integrated fish-vegetable production in Ethiopia: final factsheet

GCP-2 Integrated Projects

  • Local and International business collaboration for productivity and QUality Improvement in Dairy chains in SE Asia and East Africa (LIQUID): final factsheet
  • Governing aquaculture in coastal landscapes Southeast Asia (SUPERSEAS): final factsheet
  • Insect products as feed in Kenya (ILIPA): final factsheet
  • Access to finance: Information transparency system cocoa farmers in Ghana: final factsheet
  • Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso – WFE: final factsheet
  • Follow the Food – Dutch agribusiness and local food security in Africa: final factsheet

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