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End workshop of Aquaponics Ethiopia

GCP-2 Project Aquaponics Ethiopia

In January 2018 the research partners of the Global Challenges Programme project “Sustainable integrated fish-vegetable production in Ethiopia” organized an end workshop to share experiences and knowledge. 

With over 25 participants the Aquaponics workshop in Ras Amba Hotel has been well attended. A full morning with lectures and debate have stirred Ethiopian policymakers and practitioners to keep looking for opportunities to start and expand profitable fish and vegetable businesses using aquaponics technology. The afternoon was spent at Addis Ababa University to gain practical experience with Aquaponics.

Please find below links to all presentations of the Aquaponics Workshop:

  1. Introduction to Aquaponcs – A. Getahun View of download here
  2. Why Aquaponics – M. Slingerland View of download here
  3. Project findings – A.Tadesse View of download here
  4. Agribusiness – B. Kappers View of download here
  5. Perceptions on Aquaponics – T, Aziz View of download here

On the project website, more information is provided on:


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