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YEP Annual Report 2016 and YEP Effect 2

YEP Annual Report 2016 and YEP Effect no.2
May 3, 2017 By: F&BKP Office Image: YEP

The YEP Programme Bureau has published its Annual Report 2016, providing an overview of the activities and results over the course of 2016. The Report is an annex to YEP Effect no. 2, which describes the effects the Young Experts have or had in their international work.

Currently, 243 Young Experts started their international career through YEP, either through YEP Water or YEP Agrofood. Already 99 Young Experts concluded their YEP experience after one or two years. All YEP alumni are part of the YEP Global Network and 94% of them are still working in the water and/or agrofood sectors.

YEP Annual Report 2016

The Annual Report is designed as a poster with several infographics and tables. Highlighted performances of the year 2016 are:

  • Nineteen new organizations applied to YEP demonstrating the demand of the sector;
  • Young Experts and organizations are positive on the trainings: evaluation reports show scores from average to very satisfactory;
  • Success stories related to (newly) funded innovations/business cases developed by Young Experts are described in YEP Effect;
  • The majority of the project proposals meet the qualitative YEP criteria.

To read the Annual Report on screen, please take a look at the online version. To print the Report, please download the print version.

YEP Effect no.2

The Annual Report 2016 is an annex to YEP Effect no. 2. The second edition of this YEP magazine describes the effects the Young Experts have or had in their international work.

Good example is the “YEP duo” consisting of Dominic from Ghana and Susanna from the Netherlands. YEP encourages organizations to apply for duo positions. A duo of a Dutch and a local Young Expert supports the vision of YEP to exchange knowledge and to share cultural backgrounds and diversity. Young Experts Dominic and Susanna work at MDF in Ghana where they are responsible to set up and manage an Inclusive Agribusiness Centre (IAC). “We are growing a new branch of MDF activities and exploring how we can contribute to MDFs strategy and sustainability by supporting local entrepreneurship.”

To read more, please download YEP Effect no. 2

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This year, there are two more deadlines for submitting project proposals: July 3, 2017 and November 1, 2017. Please note that from November 1, only one-year positions can be approved, since the current programmes end in 2020. At the moment, YEP is investigating options for continuation and extension of the programmes (more information in the last chapter of YEP Effect no. 2). Please inform the YEP Programme Bureau if you have any suggestions!

Information on project submission, criteria and more can be found on the YEP website. The YEP Programme Bureau can be contacted for information or advice on project proposals. You can also attend the information meeting on May 24, 2017 at the NWP offices in The Hague, where you can receive personal advice on criteria for project proposals, including the financial part and contracts. You can register for the meeting through this link.



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