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Road Water for Pasture Production: Farmer Testimonies

ARF project ROFIP - video series
November 5, 2019 By: ARF-3.2 ROFIP in Kenya Image: Project research team

The project research team of the Applied Research Fund project “Rainwater harvesting from roads for indigenous pasture production & improved rural livelihoods in Kenya (ROFIP)” has completed a series of short video documentaries series with six farmer testimonies on road water for pasture production in Kituiā€™s drylands.

The six selected farmers we worked with the ROFIP project and share their lessons and experiences on various aspects: one specializes in milk production, another sells hay, while yet another does seed production and livestock fattening simultaneously. They are all pioneers, venturing into active cultivation of grass. This is a new practice in the area, so they have an important role in their communities, showing and teaching others the importance of pasture production.

Please follow this link to watch the videos and learn from these role models!



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