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July 4th, 2016

Nourishing millions: Stories of change in nutrition

Published by IFPRI,

This book (PDF) published by IFPRI gives a proper overview of the development of nutritional thinking and the factors that have contributed to success in the last fifty years. The stories gathered in the book examine interventions that address nutrition directly—such as community nutrition programming and feeding programs for infants and young children—as well as nutrition-sensitive policies related to agriculture, social protection, and clean water and sanitation. They shed light on nutrition success stories on the ground in places ranging from Bangladesh, Brazil, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam to Ethiopia and the state of Odisha in India. The book also examines how nutrition “champions” emerge and drive change. Chapter six elaborates specifically on the role of agriculture in supporting nutritional security. On the accompanied website you can also find a synopsis of the report, videosinfographics and more information on the project.

Curated from nourishingmillions.ifpri.info