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May 16th, 2018

Making gender work: Cultivating diversity

Published by AgriProFocus,

This magazine by AgriProFocus on gender in the agrifood sector focuses on the practical implementation of the available tools and knowledge. What are the obstacles in implementing gender strategies and how can we overcome these? What are the success stories and what can we learn from them? The magazine shares views of experts from all four sides of the Dutch Diamond. The magazine includes an interview with a member of the Task Force for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the policy on gender in development cooperation by the ministry. Furthermore, it describes a round table by three gender specialists that discuss the many ways to persevere and enjoy success in implementing a gender perspective in programs. Moreover, six tips are provided on how to seriously address gender in projects and programs. The magazine also describes cases studies that illustrate what different approaches to gender, can mean for women and the value chain. Finally, it reveals how business benefits from including women.

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