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May 25th, 2020

How to integrate gender equity strategies into horticulture value chains

Published by Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture,

This webinar by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture introduces key definitions of gender equity and strategies for implementing gender equity approaches into projects. Topics include integrating gender into research, sensitizing staff, developing an actionable gender strategy and designing activities that address women’s needs. The workshops discusses key definitions of vocabulary to effectively integrate gender equity into projects, including sex, gender and gender integration. A key distinction among definitions is that gender roles, norms and constraints can be changed. Women’s empowerment is a critical aspect of gender integration in horticulture as women make up a large percentage of farmers and are a key linkage to household nutrition. One framework that is used in agriculture is the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index, incorporating five domains that help projects promote women’s empowerment. These are: Decision-making power over agricultural production; Access to and ownership over resources; Sole or joint control over income and expenditures; Leadership; Time allocation. Integrating gender into research is a critical step to ensuring that research has been appropriately designed for the communities it is being conducted in. Conducting a gender analysis can be one strategy for better understanding roles and constraints. It is important to consider staff members’ knowledge and understanding of gender dynamics. Sensitizing thems can be a positive step towards including gender into projects. Considering diversity during hiring can also help establish teams with multiple perspectives and help to promote gender integration. Developing a gender strategy is another approach to sharing a vision throughout the implementing team and taking steps to promote gender integration. Other strategies for gender integration in horticulture include developing a deeper understanding of gender roles and more profitable opportunities for women. Additional resources may be needed to help women move into these roles which organizations can partner in to support their development.

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