April 14th, 2016

The global food policy report

Published by IFPRI,

The Global Food Policy Report (PDF) is IFPRI’s flagship publication and provides a synthesis of all major developments of today’s food policy concerns. It also offers some concrete future orientations for further action. The annual report examines major food policy issues, global and regional developments, and commitments made in 2015, and presents data on key food policy indicators. The report proposes key policy options for 2016 and beyond to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, the global community made major commitments on sustainable development and climate change. The global food system lies at the heart of these commitments—and we will only be able to meet the new goals if we work to transform our food system to be more inclusive, climate-smart, sustainable, efficient, nutrition- and health-driven, and business-friendly. The report takes a look at the latest research on opportunities and challenges the world will face in achieving multiple SDGs. The report includes chapters on climate change and smallholder farmers, sustainable diets, food loss and waste, and water management.

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