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sustainable development goals (SDGs)

March 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Climate-smart agriculture and the SDGs: Mapping interlinkages, synergies and trade-offs and guidelines for integrated implementations

This publication presents an assessment and mapping of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) interlinkages, which provide entry points for targeted CSA planning to enchance syngergies and reduce potential tradeoffs between CSA objectives and SDGs. This paper represents a first step in defining specific ways in which CSA can support the achievement of the SDG. »

March 15, 2020Knowledge Portal
Inclusive agribusiness models in the Global South: The impact on local food security

This paper argues there is little evidence that shows inclusive business initiatives improve the food and nutrition security (FNS) of many. Private business is increasingly presented as a leading agent of development in policy, also in the pursuit of developmental goals beyond business, such as food security (SDG2 in particular). »

February 24, 2020Knowledge Portal
The age of foodtech: Optimizing the agri-food chain with digital technologies

This article reviewed emerging applications of technologies like the Internet of Things, distributed ledger technologies and Artificial Intelligence at various phases of the agri-food chain, focusing in particular on smart and precision farming, value chain integrity, personalized nutrition and the reduction and prevention of food waste. »

Dutch Research Agenda - SDG Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries
February 4, 2020News
Dutch Research Agenda – SDG Interactions and Policy Interventions in Developing Countries

This Dutch Research Agenda call for proposals focuses on SDG interactions and policy interventions in developing countries. The consortia to be formed will work in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner, internationally and across the entire knowledge chain. Theme 2 of the call focuses on “Addressing trade-offs between food and nutrition security (SDG2) and other SDGs”. »

January 20, 2020Knowledge Portal
The global institutional landscape of food and agriculture: How to achieve SDG2

This paper describes the food and agriculture (F&A) global institutional landscape and its challenges and looks at ongoing reform efforts and their shortcomings. »

Rural revitalization and sustainable diets
July 16, 2019Knowledge activity
Rural revitalization and sustainable diets

How do two reports with a different emphasis on the relation between nutrition and agriculture challenge our daily practices and current policies? This was the central question put forward during an event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 4, 2019. Both the IFPRI’s Global Food Policy Report 2019 and EAT-Lancet’s 2019 Commission were presented, followed by an interactive panel discussion with a multi-stakeholder audience. »