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October 5th, 2016

The gender dimensions of global value chains

Published by ICTSD,

This report (PDF) from ICTSD elaborates on the gender dimension of global value chains since policy makers are increasingly turning to global value chains as a means of driving development, generating employment and raising incomes. However, the access and benefits from participation value chains are closely related to gender issues and opportunities are different for men and women. This results in gender-based segregation and constraints that exist to different degrees in all societies. Without a focus on these inequalities, the  effectiveness of trade and development policies can be hindered. According to the authors, taking gender issues into account and addressing them is critical to harness the potential for global value chains to contribute to both sustainable economic and social goals. This paper seeks to integrate gender into the global value chain framework, to assess the gender dimensions of integration and economic and social upgrading in global value chains, and to offer global value chain related policy recommendations that support economic and social development.

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