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The fruits of knowledge co-creation in multi-stakeholder platforms
November 25, 2020Expert opinion
The fruits of knowledge co-creation in multi-stakeholder platforms

Food security, climate change and environmental degradation are global challenges that require joint action by multiple organizations. That is why several donors stimulate multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs). What is known about these platforms? Do they achieve what they aim for? Do agriculture- and food-related MSPs contribute to food security, sustainable development and the position of smallholders? Edith van Ewijk and Mirjam Ros-Tonen of the University of Amsterdam dived into the literature and found positive results but also important limitations. »

June 11, 2020Knowledge Portal
Improved feeding and forages at a crossroads: Farming systems approaches for sustainable livestock development in East Africa

This article argues that farming systems approaches are essential to understand the multiple roles and impacts of forages in smallholder livelihoods. The article shows that improved forages in East Africa are at a crossroads: if adopted by farmers at scale, they can be a cornerstone of pathways toward intensified sustainable livestock systems in East Africa »

Dutch companies do contribute to food security in Ethiopia
January 23, 2019Research project
Dutch companies do contribute to food security in Ethiopia

Lenard Hofland of the GCP project “Follow the Food”, has published an article in the context of “De Voedselzaak” – an online platform discussing the issue of how to feed 10 billion people in 2050 – stating that Dutch companies in Ethiopia do provide permanent jobs and most of all food on the Ethiopian market. »

August 15, 2018Knowledge Portal
Food systems for sustainable development: Proposals for a profound four-part transformation

This paper is calling on the need for a transformation of food systems in order to achieve the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. This transformation is needed to deliver multiple and simultaneous social, economic, and environmental outcomes, including poverty eradication and mitigation and adaptation to climate change. »

July 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Identifying options for the development of sustainable seed systems: Insights from Kenya and Mali

This working paper aims to propose an agenda for supporting sustainable development of seed systems in two sub-Saharan countries, Kenya and Mali, based on the experiences and insight of seed system actors who contribute to various functions and operate at different scales. »

November 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
The European Union, agriculture, and the tropics: Public financial incentives to enhance food security and expansion of production contracts

This article frames two rapidly moving issues in the EU’s multifaceted relationship with agriculture in the tropics: 1) use of the public development funds to drive agricultural productivity and market access and 2) the adoption of private production contracts for sourcing products destined for EU markets. »