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May 16th, 2019

Base of the pyramid marketing and distribution

Published by 2SCALE,

This thematic paper (PDF) of 2SCALE focusses on marketing and distribution to the base of the pyramid (BoP) and the way of working of this approach. The BoP is quite a different consumer segment compared to others and therefore requires a different approach of marketing.  Instead of looking at the product, price, place and promotion (4Ps), the program focusses on acceptability, affordabililty, awareness and availability (4As). This approach provides an opportunity for a more in-depth and consumer-centric analysis of what it means to market products with and for the BoP. During the program, lessons learned were collected: 1) There is a real market opportunity in terms of serving the BoP with nutritious quality foods; 2) The cnsumer-centered approach was new but embraced by all successfull champions; 3) Practical and actionable insights were usefull for champions and acted as a catalyst for progress; 4) A transformation of the business champion is needed; 5) Activating the market is a must, from the market product lauch to the related promotional activities; 6) Critical for success is that champions have the right machinery; 7) Meeting the safety requirements for product approval and certification is of importance; 8) To prevent adverse environmental effects, opportunities should be explored for environmentally friendly packaging and recyling of waste streams; 9) Measuring the impact of the activities on a consumer level is critical. Next steps should be to focus on sector transformation, ensuring thath the impact goes beyond individual partnerships and transforms the entire sector. Futher, more focus should be on the actual marketing towards BoP and nutrition. Finally, the importance of parnerships should not be forgotten.

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