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Construction aquaponics units

GCP-2 Project Aquaponics Ethiopia

This Global Challenges Programme project aims to increase the production of fish and vegetables while saving scarce natural resources, through the transfer of prototype aquaponics systems to rural households in Ethiopia. In March 2016 eight aquaponics systems were constructed and in November 2016 another thirty were finished. 


In March, eight aquaponics systems have been finished for low-income households in the (peri-)urban areas of Awassa (Ethiopia). Sunrise Ethiopia is responsible for the construction and monitoring of these systems.

During construction, many people from the surrounding neighborhood joined out of curiosity. The aquaponics concept is appealing, a lot of time was spent on explaining the aquaponics concept to friends, neighbors and family.

See the Aquaponics Ethiopia website for more pictures: blog March 10, 2016


In Metahara (Ethiopia) 30 aquaponic systems have been finalized in cooperation with the beneficiaries. In one big compound these 30 systems are stacked together, each system providing one beneficiary with an income through the vegetable and fish sales. All beneficiaries will be supported by project staff present on site.


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