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November 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Youth e-agriculture entrepreneurship

This magazine focuses on youth e-agriculture entrepreneurship. Young innovators in Africa, the Caribbean, and Pacific region, have recognized the need for creative solutions to raise agricultural productivity and the huge prospective market for their ICT-enabled services in agriculture. The issue includes articles with many examples and challenges of scaling-up initiatives and ensuring inclusive initiatives and on how to set up healthy, supportive eco-sytems for ICT start-ups in agriculture. It also offers practical advise on how young e-agriculture entrepreneurs can fund their initiatives and on how to develop a business strategy. »

Job opportunities for youth in Africa's agricultural transformation
May 24, 2016Study
Job opportunities for youth in Africa’s agricultural transformation
Theme: Youth in Agri-Food

Youth comprise an increasingly high portion of Africa’s population. Yet a large part of Africa’s youth are currently unemployed. The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) together with the INCLUDE Platform for Inclusive Development Policies have written a policy paper that looks at the potential of promoting youth employment within processes of inclusive agriculture transformation. »

The role of agri-entrepreneurship and farming innovations for youth in agriculture engagement
February 17, 2016Knowledge activity
The role of agri-entrepreneurship and farming innovations for youth in agriculture engagement
Theme: Youth in Agri-Food

On January 20 a seminar was organized on the topic of entrepreneurship and innovations in developing countries for young peoples’ involvement in farming. Participants were mid-career professionals from Africa and Asia as well as Netherlands-based professionals representing knowledge, policy and private institutes. »

The future of our food
January 14, 2016Knowledge activity
The future of our food
Theme: Youth in Agri-Food

On December 9, a seminar was held at CDI Wageningen on the topic of youth in agriculture. This item describes the results of the debates and highlights potential knowledge questions and activities that could emerge around the topic. »

October 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
Enhancing youth engagement in agricultural careers

This blog by Cabi, explores what can and is being done already to improve employment opportunities for youth in rural areas, particularly in the agricultural sector. The blog highlights greater investment, education, working conditions, governance and social media. »

September 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Youth in agriculture: Inspiring stories of young people changing agriculture

This blog from the Journal of Gender, Agriculture, and Food Security, highlights some succes stories of young agriculture entrepreneurs. Significant challenges remain in realizing the full potential of Africa’s agriculture: access to finance, land rights, and women’s empowerment are just some of the critical issues to address. »