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The future of our food
January 14, 2016Knowledge activity
The future of our food
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

On December 9, a seminar was held at CDI Wageningen on the topic of youth in agriculture. This item describes the results of the debates and highlights potential knowledge questions and activities that could emerge around the topic. »

October 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
Enhancing youth engagement in agricultural careers

This blog by Cabi, explores what can and is being done already to improve employment opportunities for youth in rural areas, particularly in the agricultural sector. The blog highlights greater investment, education, working conditions, governance and social media. »

September 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Youth in agriculture: Inspiring stories of young people changing agriculture

This blog from the Journal of Gender, Agriculture, and Food Security, highlights some succes stories of young agriculture entrepreneurs. Significant challenges remain in realizing the full potential of Africa’s agriculture: access to finance, land rights, and women’s empowerment are just some of the critical issues to address. »

Sow before you reap
September 14, 2015Expert opinion
Sow before you reap

Dutch development policy from aid to trade In 2010, Dutch policy for development cooperation was urged by experts to focus on agriculture as one of the areas where the Netherlands has an international comparative advantage. At the time, this prompted the minister in charge of development to make food security one of the spearhead themes »

March 31, 2015Knowledge Portal
Who wants to farm? Youth aspirations, opportunities and rising food prices

This publication (PDF) by IDS explores conditions favourable for active engagement of educated young people into farming in a context of food price volatility, and in particular rising food prices since 2007. Based on analysis of interviews, focus group discussion and household case studies with almost 1500 people in 23 rural, urban and peri-urban communities in low and middle income Asian, African and Latin American countries in 2012, this research digs deeper into some of the established explanations as to why youth in developing countries appear reluctant to enter farming. »

March 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Livestock entrepreneurship as an emerging self-employment option for university graduates in Ethiopia: Overview of concerns and potentials for growth

This paper (PDF) in the European Journal of Business and Management, compiles and synthesizes existing and emerging knowledge on major aspects of livestock enterprises and support services including practical skills and information needs among self-employed graduates. Implications for further investigation and interventions and informing institutional policies development on livestock enterprises as a growing employment option are also highlighted. »