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June 3, 2020Knowledge Portal
Urban governance for nutrition

The ‘Urban Governance for Nutrition’ programme brings diverse stakeholders together to develop policies and actions that help to equitably and sustainably shape urban food environments to deliver healthy diets. Three working papers have been released with case studies from India, Pakistan and Tanzania. »

January 7, 2020Knowledge Portal
Effects of milk cooling: A case study on milk supply chain for a factory in Ethiopia

In this study the effects of different scenarios for introducing a cold milk chain are evaluated based on rejection rates and costs to increase the milk supply of a milk factory near Solulta (Ethiopia). Adequate design of milk collection chains and choice of technology options is essential to make the food product available with minimum climate impact. »

November 4, 2019Knowledge Portal
Local to global policy as a catalyst for change: Key messages

This working paper demonstrates the ways of catalysing transformation in food systems through policy change from local to global level. Food system transformation demands participation and action from all actors. Policy change can guide and catalyse that action but requires political and public will and a shift in mindsets toward a more collective and shared approach. »

September 23, 2019Knowledge Portal
Mechanization in African agriculture: A continental overview on patterns and dynamics

This study provides an overview on the patterns and dynamics of mechanization in African agriculture from 2005 to 2014 along the entire value chain. A strong positive correlation between agricultural machinery growth and agricultural output growth was found, and vice versa. »

August 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transforming food systems under climate change: Local to global policy as a catalyst for change

This working paper discusses how policy should bring transformative change for food systems to become sustainable, resilient, climate smart and inclusive, while delivering affordable, culturally appropriate, healthy diets for all. Transformation demands participation and action from all actors. »

June 17, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems: From concept to practice and vice versa (Including decision-support tool)

This working paper summarizes academic litarature on food systems and systems thinking, in order to inform a system approach for the development of food and nutrition security (FNS) programming. Also a decision-support tool is developed to translate the insights on food systems invo actionable recommendations for FNS programming. »