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May 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
Reward food companies for improving nutrition

This expert opinion argues that governments must provide incentives for businesses to fix the global food system, not just punish them for acting irresponsibly. Giving incentives could make the main investors in the food system play a more positive part in improving nutrition, as argued by Lawrence Haddad. »

November 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Schools as a system to improve nutrition

This discussion paper shows that schools offer a unique opportunity to improve nutrition using a systemic, multi-sectoral approach. Social, health, economic and ethic arguments coalesce in and around schools. »

August 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Is ‘mind-set change’ the new frontier for Africa’s youth?

This expert opinion refutes the notion that the mind-set change of young people towards a more ‘entrepreneurial mind-set’ is the solution. First, surely it is right that we are very cautious about any analysis that defines the views, perspectives, attitudes and imagined futures of a whole generation – their mind-set – as problematic. »

June 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Helping women control their financial lives through digital financial services

This expert opinion discusses how digital financial services (DFS) can help women to control their financial lives. One important benefit of DFS to women is privacy. »

May 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
The business case for soil

In this expert opinion Jess Davis argues that action on soil sustainability must move beyond the farm and into the boardroom. She argues that most businesses are unaware that their bottom lines depend on soil; nor are they aware of the risks they face from its degradation. »

December 12, 2016Knowledge Portal
A new global research agenda for food

This opinion article argues that it is time for a new research agenda on food that shifts the focus from feeding people towards nourishing them. They argue that malnutrition is not a problem that can be overcome through growth or development since even as economies expand, the quality of diets does not improve. Therefore the authors set out a new global research agenda for nutrition focused on ten research priorities. »