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Discussion paper

April 17, 2017Knowledge Portal
He says, she says: Exploring patterns of spousal agreement in Bangladesh

This discussion paper examines differences in spouses’ answers to questions regarding who participates in decisions about household activities, who owns assets, and who decides to purchase assets in Bangladesh. Participation in household decisions and control over assets are often used as indicators of bargaining power. »

March 17, 2017Knowledge Portal
Strengthening and harmonizing food policy systems to achieve food security

This discussion paper studies the factors contributing to the effectiveness of policy systems. In this paper, a conceptual framework is developed to understand the policy and institutional architecture of food and agriculture policy systems, aiming to improve the coordination and harmonization of the roles of policy actors and players. »

March 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Cost-effectiveness of community-based gendered advisory services to farmers: Analysis in Mozambique and Tanzania

This discussion paper conducts cost-effectiveness analyses of interventions that bring a gender lens to community-based advisory services in rural areas. Cost-effectiveness analysis subjects both the cost side and the effects side of agricultural interventions to technical scrutiny and unifies both sides in order to compare the relative cost-effectiveness of different modalities of a program, of efforts to reach different target groups or achieve different outcomes. »

February 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
Chinese agriculture in Africa: Perspectives of Chinese agronomists on agricultural aid

This paper by IIED presents the reflections of more than 160 Chinese agronomists who have spent time implementing Chinese agricultural technologies in Africa. Chinese actors are increasingly engaging in African agriculture. This research, conducted by the newly constituted research division of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Centre (FECC) of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, can be seen as a first step to gain insight into their experiences, in order to allow a more productive dialogue with a range of stakeholders in China-Africa agriculture engagement. »

January 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
The effect of land inheritance on youth employment and migration decisions

This discussion paper explores how the amount of land youth expect to inherit affects their migration and employment decisions in rural Ethiopia. By using panel data from 2010 and 2014 it is found that larger expected land inheritance significantly lowers the likelihood of long-distance permanent migration and of permanent migration to urban areas. »

June 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
What do we mean by ‘women’s crops’? A mixed methods approach

This ICRISAT study aimed to revisit this issue of gender and commercialization of crops. They developed a ‘women’s crop tool’ that measures how much control women have over different crops. This tool was used to compare women’s perceived level of control at different stages of commercialization and to compare the perceptions of men and women regarding women’s control. »