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September 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Can agroforestry address food security concerns in a changing climate?

This discussion brief by the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) is based on the workshop “Can agroforestry address food security concerns in a changing climate?”. The workshop brought together leading scholars-practitioners from five parts of the world – Sweden, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Ecuador – to share knowledge of and aspirations for agroforestry systems. »

August 26, 2015Knowledge Portal
Policy incoherence in smallholder dairying in Bihar, India

This discussion paper (PDF) by CGIAR, explores the dairy innovation system of Bihar mainly to explore the critical bottlenecks in the policy environment that constrain smallholder dairying in the state. »

August 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Ending poverty and hunger by 2030: an agenda for the global food system

This report by the World Bank identifies key issues where the global food system should improve. The food system must become more sustainable. It must also raise the agricultural productivity of poor farmers, improve nutritional outcomes, and broadly adopt climate-smart agriculture that can withstand and mitigate climate change. »

July 25, 2015Knowledge Portal
Picking the fruits: Making horticulture sector development in emerging economies more successful

The purpose of this paper is to support policy makers, development practitioners and private companies with some guidelines for the design and implementation of successful horticulture development strategies. This discussion paper aims to provide some answers to these key questions: (a) How to assess the business case for horticultural growth and development in an emerging economy? (b) What are feasible options for inclusive growth in different horticultural supply chain arrangements? (c) What sort of external (public) support is required and justifiable to achieve inclusive growth and development? »

July 20, 2015Knowledge Portal
Investment contracts for agriculture: maximizing gains and minimizing risks

This joint IISD, World Bank and UNCTAD discussion paper marries two substantial bodies of research to show how investment contracts can be set up to promote sustainable development. It presents the top five positive outcomes and the five downsides from private sector investments in large- scale agricultural projects. »

June 29, 2015Knowledge Portal
Information networks among women and men and the demand for an agricultural technology in India

In this discussion paper by The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), agricultural information networks among men and women are analyzed by using gender-disaggregated social network data from Uttar Pradesh, India. »