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January 21st, 2016

Women forging change with agroecology

Published by Farming Matters Magazine,

This issue (PDF) of Farming Matters presents stories about women from who forge positive change through agro-ecology on their farms and in their communities. While around the world women leverage change in their communities using agroecological approaches, only little has been written about it. This issue of Farming Matters presents stories and analyses of agro-ecology as a strategy for women to create safe, healthy and just societies. The issue features expert opinions of Pablo Tittonell and Hanny van Geel, but also displays stories from women’s leaders in Asia and Africa, from women working with System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and showcases several agro-ecology initiatives of women in Nepal, Tanzania, Ecuador and Congo. It also includes an article with recommendations for policy-makers to ensure smallholder farmers -especially women- participate in decision-making and can ensure their priorities are reflected in appropriate agricultural policies. In the different articles the links between women empowerment, agro-ecology and food security are paramount.

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