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October 23rd, 2017

Robust policy needed to counter growing inequality and malnutrition across the globe

Published by WUR,

This article by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) argues that governments must formulate sharper and more robust policy to counter inequality and climate change and to ensure global food supply into the future. From the knowledge gathered during a large-scale research program the FOODSECURE Navigator was created. This online toolbox deciphers the indicators and causes of food insecurity and demonstrates how policies can influence this complex dynamic. Policymakers can use FOODSECURE to learn which policy areas require action to get to a desired situation or development path. Additionally, four future scenarios were developed of potential global developments until 2050, for which inequality and sustainability form the framework. This demonstrates that failure to act is likely to lead to increased inequality, malnutrition and instability caused by worsening climate issues. Therefore more forceful policy must be introduced to counter climate change and inequality. There needs to be more guidance, not only from a government level, but also companies and consumers can influence the route we take. In the current situation many policy areas with various aims threaten to compromise each other and lead to trade-offs. However, ensuring synergy between policy measures is no easy task. A recommendation from the research is to strengthen the exchange between science and politics by establishing a new intergovernmental panel on food and nutrition security. Another recommendation is to ensure the EU focuses more on the health factor in aid for food security, and to effectively evaluate the results.

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