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GCP-3 facstheet midterm findings: Sustaining food supplies and improving health in Kenya
May 9, 2019Research project
GCP-3 facstheet midterm findings: Sustaining food supplies and improving health in Kenya

Please download the factsheet with midterm findings of this GCP-3 Integrated Project. »

July 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Improving policy coherence for food security and nutrition in South Africa: a qualitative policy analysis

This article (PDF) in the Food Security Journal analyses the coherence of food supply policy content with respect to nutrition and food security in South Africa. In the rise of the double burden of malnutrition, the supply-side policy interventions are a critical component of action. However, the food supply is governed by a number of different »

October 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Robust policy needed to counter growing inequality and malnutrition across the globe

This article argues that to ensure global food supply into the future, governments must formulate sharper and more robust policy to counter inequality and climate change. From the knowledge gathered during a large-scale research program the FOODSECURE Navigator was created, an online toolbox that helps policymakers see the bigger picture. »

Follow the Food: kick-off workshops
April 8, 2016Research project
Follow the Food: kick-off workshops

As an official launch of the Follow the Food programme in the three countries of focus (Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana), the research consortium members organized a kick-off workshop in each of the three countries in November and December 2015. »

August 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
The dynamics of the contemporary governance of the world’s food supply and the challenges of policy redirection

This paper in the Food Security Journal identifies the governance dynamics and the international policy architecture that frame contemporary policy actions in relation to the food supply and elaborates on key governance tensions that policy makers need to address to feed the world’s growing population by the mid-21st century. »

May 13, 2015Knowledge Portal
Increasing homogeneity in global food supplies and the implications for food security

This article (PDF) in PNAS by a group of researchers provides evidence of change in the relative importance of different crop plants in national food supplies worldwide over the past 50 years. Trends in the richness, abundance, and composition of crop species in national food supplies worldwide were assessed. The study shows that over the »