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August 12th, 2016

Intervention guide: for the women’s empowerment in agriculture index (WEAI)

Published by USAID,

This Intervention Guide for the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) (PDF) by USAID provides guidance to donors and implementers of agricultural market development programs on how to translate into practice the evidence and insights gained from the WEAI survey results. The WEAI was developed as a direct measure of economic empowerment and gender parity at the individual and household levels. The guide assists practitioners in selecting and designing evidence-based interventions that are the most relevant to the domains of empowerment prioritized in the WEAI, using a market systems and gender-responsive approach. The guide begins with an overview of the WEAI and some of its recent evolutions and then outlines when practitioners should use the guide in the project life cycle. Next, readers will find an overview of the inclusive market systems and genderresponsive approaches that form the foundation of the suggested interventions, followed by specific techniques for how to operationalize market facilitation and communication techniques to implement the proposed interventions. The guide then presents the interventions, which are organized in five domains of empowerment. This is the second edition of this guide. It has been updated to include more examples of how to implement the interventions, gender analysis questions, social and behavior change communication techniques.

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