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March 13th, 2015

Global initiative on food loss and waste reduction

Published by FAO,

This short brochure (PDF) from the FAO explains the core problems related to food loss and waste and introduced the SAVE FOOD Global Initiative on Food Loss & Waste Reduction. Food loss and waste have negative environmental impacts because of the water, land, energy and other natural resources used to produce food that no one consumes. The size of the impact increases with the level of processing and refining of the food products, and the stage (upstream or downstream) in the food supply chain at which the food is lost or wasted. Generally, lower losses are associated with higher efficiency in the food supply, and eventually with more effective recycling of resources, lower storage needs, shorter transport distances, and less energy use. However, solutions for reducing losses often lead to increased use of energy, especially for the preservation of food products. Obviously, from the environmental point of view, the negative impacts of measures to reduce food loss and waste should be lower than the benefits. The initiative focuses on enhancing collaboration and coordination of worldwide food loss and waste reduction initiatives, raising awareness, and supports projects and research to analyse the causes of and viable solutions for food loss. Private sector actors and non-profit organisations are welcomes to join the initiative. Please find the criteria for partnering here.

Published in 2015

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