March 26th, 2018

Global food policy report 2018

Published by IFPRI,

The global food policy report (PDF) of IFPRI is a reoccurring publication providing a synthesis of all major developments regarding food policy. The report begins with reviewing the major food policy issues, developments and decisions of 2017. Thereafter, the report presents a critical analysis on global food systems under current radical changes, thereby highlighting the themes: trade, investment, migration, knowledge and data, developed country policies, and global institutions, and how these are affecting food security and nutrition. A special focus throughout the report is on the impact of greater global integration and the threat of current antiglobalization pressure. Key findings concerning knowledge and data concern the fact that open data are critical for decision making from farm to retail level of food systems. Open data can improve food systems by increasing visibility and utility of research and allowing governments to make evidence-based policy decisions. However, inequality in data, and thus knowledge, accessibility are increasing. Therefore, commitment to open data and, more importantly, to action are needed from governments and international institutions.

Governance issues have become increasingly complex due to food and agricultural systems becoming increasingly globalized. The rapid pace of this globalization demands food systems to be able to innovate and adapt, which requires better coordination and integration of science into policy. Furthermore, inadequate responses to food crises reveal the need to strengthen global planning and coordination of policy on the food and agricultural system. Recommended is to redesign the global institutional architecture, which could create a governing platform to provide oversight for stakeholders. The platform could ensure the coordination needed to achieve the SDGs. An international panel comprising the global scientific community could complement the platform by supporting policy making based on scientific evidence.

In addition the report provides insights in food security development around the globe on regional level.

A synopsis of the report (PDF) as well as a supporting video (link) are also available.

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