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April 1st, 2015

Gender in agriculture: closing the knowledge gap

Published by IFPRI,

This book (see synopsis) by IFPRI and FAO, is a compilation of the growing knowledge base on the gender gaps in agriculture. It explains why closing gender gaps is important; analyses the role of gender in agriculture; and takes a look at access to assets, agricultural inputs, and markets by gender. The first part of the book summarizes the main messages of the 2011 FAO report and reviews how gender has been conceptualized in agriculture. Part 2 of the book focuses on data and methods for understanding gender issues in agriculture. Part 3 gathers background studies that document gender gaps in assets and key agricultural inputs. Part 4 looks beyond the farm to observe and analyse gender roles in markets and value chains. Part 5 proposes ways that agricultural research, development, and extension systems can be made more responsive to the needs of both male and female farmers. Steps for moving forward are suggested on land, inputs, livestock, social capital, physical capacity, market access and participation in labour markets.

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