February 1st, 2019

Double burden of malnutrition

Published by Sight and Life,

This edition of the magazine (PDF) of Sight and Life focuses on the double burden of malnutrition, and the challenges and opportunities the global community now faces in addressing all forms of malnutrition. Globally, 462 million people are underweight, 2 billion are overweight or obese. These different forms of malnutrition can coexist within countries and communities, within households and even within the same person over their lifetime. The double burden of malnutrition has become the new norm in many parts of the world. Although the double burden remains a largely untapped area for integrated action, there are opportunities to act; for example by using a food systems approach. The magazine, comprises several articles, aims to share new knowledge and stimulate discussion. One article is on how the global community can come together through integrated action on the double burden of malnutrition, while another examines how a life-course approach to policy design can help prevent childhood malnutrition. Different perspectives o the double burden of malnutrition are provided is articles for Latin America and Asia.Furthermore, there is a focus on how to identify interventions that can have the greatest impact. Another article provides the rationale for breastfeeding as an important example of triply-duty action in the context of the double burden of malnutrition. The importance of involving communities in the fight against the double burden of malnutrition is discussed, as well as the complexity of the double burden of malnutrition at the individual level. Finally, the role of double-duty actions in addressing the double burden is presented. 

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