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November 15th, 2016

Compendium of indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture

Published by FAO,

This compendium (PDF) from the FAO is designed to assist officers responsible for designing nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture investments in selecting appropriate indicators to monitor if these investments are having an impact on nutrition and through which pathways. The guide is for those responsible for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of investment projects in food and agriculture (including and in addition to value chains, social development, and rural development) that need to demonstrate that they lead to intermediary results toward improved nutrition. This compendium aims to gather the main existing nutrition-relevant indicators that can be used for M&E of food and agriculture investments, and to show for which type of investments each type of indicator is most appropriate. Next to this compendium, the FAO has has developed a set of 10 key recommendations for improving nutrition through agriculture and a tool (PDF) to guide programme planners who are aiming to apply these recommendations in the design of agricultural investments and programmes. It is structured around the first phases of the programming cycle (situation appraisal, programme design and programme review) and includes key questions, accompanied by tips and references, that can assist programme design missions.

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