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June 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
Development for youths in agribusiness in Uganda

These two working papers focus on youth in agribusiness in Uganda. The first article studies the most efficient strategy to tackle constraints and provide opportunities for Ugandan youth. The second article aims to explore the different ways in which development agencies design and implement their programmes. »

March 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
The impact of remittances on household food security: A micro perspective from Tigray, Ethiopia

This working paper examines the impact of remittances on farm household’s food security status in two livelihood zones of Ethiopia. The findings of the study suggest that remittances lower the frequency and severity of coping strategies. »

February 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
Review of climate screening approaches and tools for agricultural investment: Areas for action and opportunities to add value

This working paper gives a selective review of current climate screening approaches and tools that several major development investors have put in place in recent years, focusing on their approach to screening investments in agriculture and food security. »

January 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
EU policies and global food security

This paper reviews evidence on the impact of EU policies on global food security, focusing on several EU policy areas. Old concerns were related to the detrimental impact of EU farm subsidies, food aid and tariffs on poor countries’ food security. New concerns relate to impacts of EU food standards and bioenergy policies. »

December 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Scaling up sustainable land management and restoration of degraded land

This working paper examines how sustainable land management can be scaled up and out globally. With current rates of land degradation reaching ten to twelve million ha per year, there is an urgent need to scale up and out successful, profitable and resource-efficient sustainable land management practices to maintain the health and resilience of the land that humans depend on. »

December 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Contracts between smallholders and private firms in Mozambique and their implications on food security

This working paper focuses on the role of contract farming agreements between smallholders and private investors in rural contexts. These contracts can take different forms, but in general are agreements under which producers commit to supply produce to a buyer firm. The focus of this paper is on contracts’ effects on food security in Mozambique. »