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A Sustainable Canola Value Chain linked to Sustainable Farming System

Growing demands for edible oil in Kenya offer opportunities to build stronger value chains, as well as to upscale the practice of conservation agriculture. This is what a group of eight commercial farmers realized when they invested in a canola oil processing factory and entered into a partnership with SNV and Unilever. This article summarizes »

Towards an innovative and inclusive horticulture market in Kenya

The hortIMPACT program combines Kenyan and Dutch private sector expertise and social impact solutions to build sustainable, inclusive domestic and export horticulture markets in Kenya. This article summarizes the insights and reflections from a visit to one of the hortIMPACT business cases, a farm in Gilgil, Kenya. The farmer grows a variety of green leafy »

Dairy Farmer Entrepreneurship Development

Effectively addressing dairy sector challenges in Kenya is the ambition of the KMDP program. This program provides skills, knowledge and other forms of support to medium-scale farmers and smallholders in the dairy value chain. It also enhances linkages between Kenyan and Dutch companies in the wake of the aid to trade agenda. This article summarizes »

Vietnam, World Bank and the Netherlands to cooperate on food safety

In Vietnam, food safety is of great and increasing importance to consumers and policymakers alike. The Government of Vietnam will intensify its collaboration with the World Bank and the Netherlands in assessing and addressing food safety risks. Prime Minister Phuc of Vietnam signed a Memorandum with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and WBG’s Country Director for Vietnam. »