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September 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Global fortification data exchange

This analysis and visualization tool provides data on food fortification. The Global Fortification Data Exchange (GFDx) includes indicators on food fortification legislation from 1942 to the present as well as available standards, food availability, and intake for over 230 countries. »

June 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
The new Gender and Land Rights Database: a hub of information on gender-equitable land tenure

FAO has re-launched its Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD). The database consists of several main sections: country profiles and gender and land-related statistics. Furthermore, a new Legislation Assessment Tool is included, which offers 30 indicators for measuring progress towards gender equity in land tenure in national policy and legal frameworks. The database provides information, »

June 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global crop data aid in food policy decisions

This article from IFPRI highlights a newly updated interactive website which provides spatially disaggregated crop production estimates for 42 crops around the globe. Knowledge on where in the world individual crops are cultivated, their production patterns, and whether they are irrigated or rain fed are essential components for ensuring adequate, sustainable food production and safeguarding food security. »

April 20, 2015Knowledge Portal
World mapping of animal feeding systems in the dairy sector

This report (PDF) by three partner organizations (IDF, FAO and IFCN) builds a knowledge foundation for animal feeding systems to serve as a valuable resource for the dairy sector and connected chain partners. The paper includes IFCN survey results on dairy cattle feeding systems for 44 countries; the IDF survey results on dairy cattle feeding systems »