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sustainable food systems

June 22, 2016Knowledge Portal
Investing to nourish India’s cities

This report investigates India’s challenges with regard to ensuring urban food security and the difference among urban resident groups in food security status. India is forecast to experience the largest increase in urban population of any country in the world. Cities are important for India’s economy and provide higher incomes, support increased consumption and access to quality food options. However, much of urban India is considered highly or moderately food insecure. »

May 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
Sustaining healthy diets: The role of capture fisheries and aquaculture for improving nutrition in the post-2015 era

This report reviews current fish production and consumption from capture fisheries and aquaculture, highlights opportunities for enhancing healthy diets and outlines key multi-sectoral policy solutions. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda makes achieving food security and ending malnutrition a global priority. Within this framework, the importance of fisheries in local and global food systems and its contribution to nutrition and health, particularly for the poor are overlooked and undervalued , according to the authors. »

March 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Public policies for improving food and nutrition security at different scales

This paper assesses which policy approaches are most effective to achieve zero hunger in the world by 2050. Three different kind of policies were analysed: policies related to influencing demand, policies targeting consumer access to food and policies targeted at influencing producer supply. The authors conclude that the effectiveness of food security policies is determined by selecting the best bundle of policy instruments for the specific context and country and that trade-offs between policy instruments should be well-understood, in order to achieve the right goals and avoid perverse outcomes. »

February 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Overcoming food security challenges within an energy/water/food nexus approach

This article argues that to overcome food security challenges, the application of an energy, water and food nexus approach is needed. This can be done following three main pathways: employing sustainable production methods in agriculture, changing diets, and reducing waste in all stages of the food chain. »

December 8, 2015Knowledge Portal
Transforming a broken food system: an interview with Raj Patel

In its ‘Social justice in the food sector’ series, Fairfood International is interviewing experts on their views on how to create fair and sustainable food supply chains. Raj Patel is an award-winning British academic, journalist, activist and writer. In this interview with Fairfood’s Richard Glass, he shares his view on corporate control of the food system and the systemic change needed to create a fairer future. »

Call for Proposals
December 3, 2015News
Call for Proposals “Thought for Food Initiative”

Agropolis Fondation, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso announce the launch of the “Thought for Food Initiative: Transdisciplinary research towards more sustainable food systems” Call for Proposals, with deadline February 29, 2016. »