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KIT - Royal Tropical Institute

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Agribusiness-based Advisory Services

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The ABAS (Agribusiness-based Advisory Services) project is a learning trajectory on advisory service delivery or agricultural extension to small-scale farmers by agribusinesses. This trajectory runs from September 2017 until May 2018 and is led by KIT with a group partners: Agriterra, Moyee Coffee, and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.


Agribusiness-based Advisory Services (ABAS) project, update 02

In September 2017, the main key questions resulting in an analytical framework were formulated for the collaborative learning trajectory “Agribusiness-based Advisory Services”. In the second phase, the team selected 29 cases for the eplorative study and discussed the draft findings with core group partners on March 15, 2018. »

Agribusiness-based Advisory Services (ABAS) project, update 01

In the first phase of the Agribusiness-based Advisory Services (ABAS) project, the main key questions have been identified resulting in an analytical framework. Within that framework relevant experience, information and potential cases have been identified that could help answer the study questions. »